1 Moe Balloon

Balloon wall Decorations In Atlanta

Check out some of our amazing balloon wall designs below. To view a larger image, click to expand. The sizes shown below range from 8×8 walls to 5×7 frames. The perfect backdrop is only a few clicks away!

Balloon walls are typically used as a photo op area, behind tables, and at events to highlight a particular area. The customized decor is a must have at your next event. This cost effective decoration will add that amazing touch to any venue and last for weeks!

The sizes of balloon walls vary depending on overhead height and any other obstructions.¬† A good rule of thumb is to visualize where you want the attention to be. For example, you wouldn’t want your guests to arrive and half way through the event notice the decorations hiding in a corner. Trust us, some clients insist on certain placement.

Our expert staff can view a venue photo and give a suggestion of wall sizing.  Balloon walls are great for indoor events, and they provide eye-catching decor. At 1 Moe Balloon in Atlanta, our team can guide you in the process of selecting the appropriate backdrop for your event.

To learn more about our balloon quality and biodegradable properties visit our partners at Qualatex USA.

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